Should I Answer?


Check if the number calling you is fraudulent



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Should I Answer? is an app that basically helps you figure out if you should answer the phone when an unknown number calls. With this app, whenever an unknown phone number calls you, you can see an evaluation of it on your device's screen.

When an unknown number calls, you can check the Should I Answer? evaluation to get an idea of the number's credentials as given by the user community, as well as see info on the general nature of the call (spam, scam, etc.).

Other interesting features in Should I Answer? include the ability to automatically block calls or create your own blacklist. You can block calls from hidden numbers, foreign numbers, etc. And you don't have to worry, because nothing you do will block any of the numbers in your address book.

Should I Answer? is a very interesting app. With it, you can check your device, see the number that's calling, and easily decide if you want to answer. The best part is that the app doesn't need the Internet in order to work.

Requires Android 2.3.2 or higher

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